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Have you ever wondered why Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant stick their tongues out when they are driving to the basket?

Or why Tiger Woods and Carl Lewis have placid faces while competing in their respective sports?  Could it be possible that they could be enhancing their performance by the expressions on their faces?

Although none of the athletes mentioned have been associated with any accusations of illegal steroid use, many athletes are risking Congressional hearings and Federal prison time for trying to enhance their performance with the use of illegal steroids.  What if an athlete could enhance his performance and release his power within legally?  Would this revolutionize sports?  Would athletes that use this performance enhancer have an edge over those that do not?

Research indicates that the position of an athlete’s jaw can affect his posture.  An athlete’s posture can then affect his performance.  Thus, if an athlete’s jaw is aligned properly, he can enhance his performance.

Dr. Richard Kaufman, a Dentist, began experimenting with this concept in the early 1980’s using a Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance (MORA).  Dr. Kaufman studied football players that were fitted with and wore MORAs and those that wore Conventional Mouthguards.  His findings were:

  1. Injuries were significantly less severe in the MORA group.
  2. The strength of the athletes in the MORA group was significantly greater.
  3. There was a decrease in knee injuries in the MORA group.
  4. The MORA group was more satisfied with their mouthpiece.
  5. Overall performance was enhanced in the MORA group.
  6. The vertical jump was higher in the MORA group.

Dr. Kaufman knew he was seeing a significant difference in the athlete’s performance, but he had very limited means by which to verify the reason for the performance change.

Today, we have advanced computer technology that verifies the optimal position of an individual’s jaw.  Clinical tests have shown that when an athlete’s jaw is in a relaxed position, it releases tension in the shoulders, neck and face.  The tension release leads to better posture and increased opening of the windpipe.  This, in turn, allows for more efficient breathing and ultimately allows the athlete to focus on the task at hand.

Additionally, the muscle controlled center of rotation of the lower jaw is located between the first and second vertebra.  Thus, when the bite is misaligned then it causes the spine to be misaligned which results in what I call the pebble in the shoe effect.  When you have a pebble in your shoe it causes your entire body to be misaligned because you compensate for the pebble.  When compensation occurs you are unable to use your body efficiently.  When the pebble is eliminated then the misalignment due to the pebble is no longer a performance factor.


How can an athlete’s jaw posture lead to an enhanced performance?

A person’s jaw posture affects the position of their head, which in turn affects a person’s axis of gravity.  When key anatomical structures are not aligned properly along an individual’s axis of gravity, the entire body must compensate for the discrepancies.  When the axis of gravity is unbalanced, the cranium and pelvis subluxate (slightly dislocates), the atlas adapts (changes to suit the new position), the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) compensates (counterbalances) and the rest of the spine and body reacts defensively through its proprioadaptive system.  Thus, the body does not work efficiently when the axis of gravity is unbalanced.  Performance inefficiency is related to the degree of unbalance in the axis of gravity.

A good way to think of this is when you want to lift something heavy from the floor.  You were taught to bend your knees and keep your back straight.  Just like an Olympic weight lifter, you are trying to keep your axis of gravity properly aligned in an effort to maximize your muscle recruitment for the task at hand.  You have postured yourself in a way that you are doing all you can to maximize your performance.  Antagonistic to the aforementioned posture would be to bend at the waist to attempt to lift a heavy item from the floor.  If you attempt this, you stand a much greater chance of injuring yourself.  Why?  Your axis of gravity is unbalanced, your body acts defensively and it is impossible for you to maximize muscle recruitment for the task at hand.  You have postured yourself in such a way that you have decreased your ability to perform.  You will then place more demands on your body than it is able to accommodate.  This can result in stress on the muscle, nervous and skeletal systems that can lead to injury.

The TMJ is a balance point in the body and must be aligned properly along the body’s axis of gravity for the body to function efficiently.  It is estimated that over 90% of the population has a bad bite which leads to improper alignment of the TMJ.  In most cases the proper alignment is a relaxed position that is located down and forward to an individual’s habitual position.  This explains why Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Carl Lewis all have relaxed facial expressions while they are accomplishing phenomenal displays of athletic ability in their respective sports.  These athletes have figured out how to utilize their neuromuscular and skeletal systems as efficiently as possible.  For an athlete, a properly aligned jaw can be the difference between a gold medal or no medal at all, playing in the Pro Bowl or watching it on TV, winning the Masters Tournament or losing by a stroke or two, making an incredible game winning basket or losing the game.




Finally, there is a legal performance-enhancer.  It is called the Golden Bite  Mouthguard (GBM).  A St. Louis Dentist, Dr. Kirk Quigless, invented the GBM.  Dr. Quigless noticed that when he was treating his neuromuscular (NM) patients with NM Dentistry, they would always return with a story about how much more energy they had and how they were able to function better during the course of a day.   As a result of research and clinical testing, and the public’s desire for a more reasonably priced NM mouthguard, Dr. Quigless invented the Golden Bite Mouthguard.  There are various types of GBMs and they are designed depending on the type of sport the athlete plays.

The GBM does not build muscle mass artificially.  Nor does it replace proper training form, medical advice or overall good judgment.  The GBM allows the athlete to unleash their power within and maximize their athletic abilities.  The GBM will not help everyone but it will help the majority (upwards of 90%) of athletes looking to enhance their performance.  There are simple tests that can be performed to see if you will benefit from a GBM.

Dr. Kirk Quigless, a local Dentist that is on a mission to expose the GBM and NM Dentistry to the public.  He is currently working with several professional athletes to allow them to maximize their performance.

Finally, there is an affordable, legal performance-enhancer, which will give an athlete the edge he is looking for to excel in his particular sport.

Dr. Quigless is located at 8083 Manchester Road in Brentwood, Mo.   You can call 314-647-1100 for information regarding the GBM or go to www.goldenbitemouthguard.com.

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